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For whom?

  • For people who cannot afford to overspend their budget.

  • For people who are responsible about their money and do their budgets BEFORE they spend any money.

  • For people who want the convenience of shopping exactly what they budgeted.

  • For people who do not want to search for products and perfecting their budget AFTERWARDS.

  • For people who are always looking for best deals.

  • And, for people who want convenient online shopping.

What is it?

Our service allows you to save tens or hundreds of hours by doing your daily shopping straight from the budget you planned. Budgeting doesn't require additional effort if you purchase the products you already were planning on buying.

Our service lets you to search product and service categories straight from the budget for extreme convenience, ensuring that they will always fit your budget. Just fill in a budget item in a category and search results of the top ecommerce vendors are presented to you. We are always trying to look for best deals for you.

We don't require difficult account linking, because budgeting should always be done beforehand and not after you have purchased something. We don't aim to be a financial tracker, because we believe that planning where money goes is much more affective than seeing where it already went. And budgets are only good if you know if anyone offers products with that price limit you have.

The service and the budgeting tool are explained in simple steps below or join our mailing list if you have heard enough.

How it works?

1. Do your normal budgeting with our budgeting tool

2. Receive product suggestions that are relevant to your budget

3. Track where you spend most and when you will achieve goals

Here is a preview of what the budgeting tool looks like

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Budget is THE tool for everyone interested in their personal finances. You can easily estimate your future costs in an organized way and receive suggestions from ecommerce vendors.

Coming later...

Cash flow

Cash flow forecast tells you how your bank account balance develops based on your expected income and expenses. You'll know exactly when you can afford the things you want OR when you'll run out of money.


Assets view shows the current value of your assets. It also tracks the development of your assets so you'll know when you can retire or afford the luxurious life you want.


The community is open for everyone. In the center of the community are people who are budgeting for one reason or another and who want to receive and give ideas and support to other members of the community.